Window and Door Frame Profile

GRP frames combine high strength, torsional rigidity and insulating properties with a long service life.

Pultruded window profiles for best thermal properties

Stable, weather-resistant window and door profiles with the lowest U-values made of maintenance-free GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) individually manufactured for you in the pultrusion process according to your specifications.


Why you should choose a window profile from Fibrolux:

Can also be used in very cold or hot regions

due to the similar coefficient of thermal expansion as the glass pane, the profile can also be used in countries with large temperature differences between inside and outside. The high thermal resistance ensures that the material retains its shape even at high temperatures.

Optimal thermal properties

The excellent thermal insulation results in a low U-value and often a stabilising steel profile can even be omitted on the inside: As a result, less heat escapes to the outside via the frame

More light inside

the highly rigid material allows for more filigree profiles and thus larger window areas: More light in the interior

Low maintenance costs

GRP does not rot or corrode: no expensive annual protective coating necessary!

Long-lasting investment

Thanks to good UV and weather resistance, the material has a long service life.




Fibrolux window profiles are ideal for:

Architects, Window Manufacturers, Carpenters and Joiners


Here you can use fibreglass Fibrolux profiles:


  Window sashes, frames and mullions

►  Skylight

►  Door frames

  Door and sliding doors and thresholds

  Door interior stiffening profiles

  External parts for wooden windows

►  Insulating cores for metal windows and doors

►  Internal profiles for fire doors

►  Industrial door frames

►  cooling door frames and panel caps

  thermal separations

►  thermal insulating stiffeners for PVC profiles.

Thermal conductivity of different materials

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